Commercial Vehicle Accident

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Commercial vehicle collisions are among the most catastrophic types of accidents on the roadways. According to the latest report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, commercial vehicles were involved in 499,000 crashes in 2018. Out of that number, 4,415 were fatal, and 107,000 resulted in serious injuries. One reason why these types of accidents are dangerous is because of the large size and weight of these commercial vehicles.

Another reason is that Commercial trucks typically weigh several pounds more than the average passenger vehicle and require more distances to come to a full stop. In addition to that, many of these commercial vehicles carry hazardous materials such as chemicals, and large tools. A fully loaded 18-wheeler can carry tens of thousands of pounds of goods and some of those goods can spill or fall onto the street when an accident occurs. Call a commercial vehicle accident lawyer now if you’ve been injured in a collision.

How Do I Know If it Is A Commercial Vehicle

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration describes commercial vehicles as a vehicle with a gross, declared, or actual weight rating of 10,001 pounds or more; a vehicle that is transporting hazardous materials, and is required to be placarded with a Hazmat Placard; or a vehicle with a certain body type such as a bus or a large truck. 

There are times when it may be hard for you to determine if a vehicle is commercial in nature or not. Always looks for signs, advertisements, or decals on the vehicle(s). Also look to see if the vehicle is painted in a certain, distinguished color and check to see if it is carrying cargo. The size of the vehicle can give you a hint as to whether it is commercial or not. Lastly, ask the driver or look to see if he or she is wearing a uniform.

commercial vehicle accident attorneySteps To Take If You’ve Injured In An Accident

Below is a quick action plan you may use if you’ve been injured in a commercial vehicle accident:

  • Notify the authorities
  • Get medical attention
  • Call an attorney
  • Take pictures of the accident
  • Collect name and phone number of all parties involved in the accident;
  • Collect vehicle and insurance information of all vehicles involved in the accident.

We understand that it is not always easy to gather all the facts surrounding your accident, that is why you should contact a commercial vehicle accident lawyer right away.

Call A Florida Commercial Vehicle Attorney Now!

You may be able to take legal action if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a commercial vehicle. Contact the law offices of Shannon J Sagan to speak about your case. We guide victims of commercial truck accidents, and we help them secure maximum compensation for their injuries and other damages. You will not pay any costs or attorney fees until we resolve your commercial vehicle accident case and collect money damages for you through a settlement or jury verdict. Our firm serve across all South Florida, so whether you are in Lake Worth, Belle Glade, Pahokee, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Palm Springs, Boynton Beach as well as Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and any other cities from Palm Beach County and nearby counties. Call us at 561-DASHCAM or contact us online for a free appointment.

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