Pedestrian Injuries

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Florida’s temperate climate provides ideal year-round walking conditions for tourists, snow birds, and its ever increasing population. Combine this with the fact that Florida has the third largest population in the U.S., and it is not surprising that it is the second-deadliest state for pedestrians in the U.S. In 2021, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recorded over 9,500 pedestrian crashes and 842 pedestrian fatalities in the state.  

If you are a pedestrian who believes you suffered injuries because of a motorist’s distracted driving, call Shannon J. Sagan of The Dash Cam Lawyer®. Mr. Sagan, an experienced Palm Beach County pedestrian injury lawyer, will evaluate your case and help you decide on the optimal legal strategy.

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Do I Have a Pedestrian Accident Case?

You may have grounds for a pedestrian injury claim if the allegedly responsible motorist:

  • Texted or engaged in another type of distraction while driving
  • Didn’t yield right of way
  • Violated the speed limit or exhibited reckless driving
  • Failed to obey red lights, stop signs, or traffic rules
  • Didn’t slow down to check for pedestrians

A pedestrian injury lawyer can help you determine whether you have a case and what types of damages you may expect to collect.

Pedestrian Safety Laws

Florida law has several important provisions regarding pedestrian safety. These laws apply to both walkers and drivers. All operators of motor vehicles have a duty of care to pedestrians on the roadway. When a driver injures a pedestrian through the lack of due care, then the driver may be liable for damages.

  • Sidewalks: When a sidewalk is present, pedestrians must travel upon it and not walk on the roadway. However, if there are no sidewalks, then pedestrians should walk, with caution, on the left shoulder of the roadway.
  • Crosswalks: Motor vehicles must give the right of way to pedestrians when they are on a marked crosswalk. Moreover, pedestrians must use a crosswalk to cross the street if it is present. It is far less likely that a person will be struck by a car if using a crosswalk than if the person crosses the road at an unmarked point. Pedestrians must also follow all traffic indicators and only enter a crosswalk when the signal permits. Failure to follow these rules is a traffic infraction and is punishable by a fine.
  • No Crosswalk: When a pedestrian must cross at an area that does not have a crosswalk, Florida law requires that the pedestrian yield the right-of-way to all vehicles upon the roadway. Drivers must still take proper precautions to avoid injuring pedestrians, and cannot ignore pedestrians crossing the road if they are not in a crosswalk.

What Compensation May I Collect After a Pedestrian Injury in Florida?

Accidents involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian often end in severe injuries or fatalities for the latter. While it’s hard to estimate exactly how much a case is worth, injured pedestrians may receive compensation for:

  • Medical expenses like ER care, hospital bills, in-home assistance, and rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of income, including missed workdays and loss of future earning capacity
  • Counseling or therapy for PTSD, anxiety, and depression
  • Pain and suffering, both physical and mental
  • Punitive damages, depending on the level of harm and the severity of the at-fault party’s conduct

Why Work With 561-DASHCAM

How does Shannon J. Sagan, P.A., stand out from other personal injury and accident attorneys in Palm Beach County, Forida? Pedestrian accident victims and their families choose 561-DASHCAM thanks to:

  • Wide experience. Mr. Sagan has over 17 years of practice representing pedestrian injury and other personal injury victims in Florida.
  • Boutique service. 561-DASHCAM is a boutique law firm with an intimate feel. Mr. Sagan only takes on a limited number of clients and handles each case personally.
  • 24/7 communication. When you work with attorney Shannon J. Sagan, you know exactly how your case is progressing and what you can expect next. Our office is available for calls 24/7.
  • Complete transparency. We make no inflated promises—Mr. Sagan will give you an honest case evaluation and a realistic forecast.
  • Zero upfront fees. You only pay when we reach a settlement or win your case at trial.

Attorney Shannon J. Sagan of 561-DASHCAM: Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Lake Worth, FL

Did you or a loved one suffer an injury in a pedestrian accident? Working with Shannon J. Sagan, pedestrian injury lawyer, can protect your legal rights and improve your chances of obtaining compensation. Mr. Sagan represents pedestrian, bicycle, and car accident cases throughout Palm Beach County. Call 561-DASHCAM today for a free case evaluation.

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