Do I need a personal injury attorney?

personal injury lawyer

You thought you were suffering from really bad heartburn for the past hour, but now the feeling is different. It feels like a clamp is squeezing your chest. It is hard to breathe, your lower back aches, and a sharp pain is shooting down your arm. You think you may be having a heart attack. So what do you do? 

First, you hop online and look up the symptoms of a heart attack. It looks like you have the classic signs of one. Then you pick up the phone and call your best friend. You tell her your symptoms, and she agrees – you are having a heart attack. Oh well, you think. I guess I know what I need to do next. 

After about twenty minutes of researching “how to treat heart attacks” and watching a few YouTube videos on open heart surgery, you figure you are ready to go. You sharpen up the best knife you have and sterilize it with some hot water. Now you are ready to begin operating on yourself . . . 

You would never consider operating on yourself to be a viable option (unless you are Tom Hanks stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean). Yet, when people have a legal dilemma, that is precisely what they do: they take on insurance companies, and their teams of lawyers end up with unsatisfactory and disappointing results. For a complex dilemma, you need to get help from a trained professional with experience working in your problem area. 


If you nick your finger, you can likely handle the medical care yourself. Usually some soap and water along with a band aid will take care of the problem. When a cut is a bit deeper, maybe even just a few inches long, you will need to get professional help to stitch up the cut. In like manner, if you are in an accident and suffer only superficial injuries, you may not need a lawyer. But if your damages are more serious, then you need to get the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. You should consult with a lawyer if: 

  • Your insurance company has denied your claim 
  • You have suffered a disabling injury 
  • Your injury is severe 
  • You are dealing with costly medical bills 
  • Your injury has caused you a loss of wages 
  • You have not been offered a fair settlement for your injuries 



When you are the victim of someone else’s negligence, you need an advocate on your side. A professional with experience in personal injury cases can answer your questions, calm your fears, and fight on your behalf.   

Moreover, insurance companies will take your claim more seriously when a personal injury lawyer is involved in your case. This is because insurance companies realize that personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable of the claims process and the law. Your case may not even need to go to trial; many personal injury cases are settled. A good lawyer will not be intimidated or fooled by the insurance company into settling for an insufficient amount. In fact, an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to maximize your settlement. 

Shannon J Sagan has been representing clients with severe injuries for over 11 years.  He has always helped the injured and never the insurance company.  For a free consultation call 561-DASHCAM.  With offices in Lake Worth and Belle Glade, Mr. Sagan can handles cases throughout Palm Beach County.   

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