I Was Rear-ended and My neck hurts. What Should I do?

whiplash injuryIf you have ever been sitting in your car at a red light or a stop sign and were rear-ended by another car, you may have suffered from whiplash. Every year there are over 200,000 cases of whiplash in the United States. Sometimes, whiplash is not serious; and it will go away within a matter of a few days or weeks. However, other times the injury is much more serious.

It is important to note that the signs of whiplash usually take between 12 and 24 hours to develop. In Florida, if you are injured in a car crash, you must seek medical care for your injuries within fourteen days of the accident; or you will receive no PIP insurance benefits. It is important that if you have been in a car accident and suffer from neck, back, or head pain that you quickly go to see your doctor. Not only will this protect your insurance benefits, but the doctor can rule out more serious injuries by taking x-rays and CT scans of your head and neck. Although in most cases whiplash will resolve itself within several days or weeks, in some cases it develops into a chronic problem. Chronic pain can make it difficult to perform every day chores and even to drive. If you have suffered from whiplash due to someone else’s negligence, you should also seek the counsel of a Florida car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney can provide you with guidance regarding your injury and potential claim.

WHAT IS WHIPLASH? personal injury lawyer south florida

Whiplash occurs when a person’s head is violently thrown back and then forward by the force of a crash. Injuries occur because of the hyperextension of the neck during the car crash.  In serious cases, the head strikes another blunt object; and the result can be a traumatic brain injury. If the head does not hit another object, the whipping action of the head can still damage nerves, muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae in the neck. Signs of whiplash include headaches, neck pain, back pain, and the limitation of the ability to move the head.  

Neck pain can result from a strain to the muscles of the neck, ligament damage, or even skeletal and disc injuries. Hyperextension can also cause the ligaments of the neck to tear, which in turn can spread pain to other parts of the body. Moreover, when the muscles of the neck have been injured, it can cause tightening in the muscles of the shoulders and back and the pain may radiate into those areas as well. Tightness and pain in the muscles may also be a sign of disc injury, something that is not uncommon in cases of whiplash.

These injuries can take the form of a fracture to a vertebra of the neck or an injury to the disc itself. Fractures can also occur when the joints are jammed together during the collision. The force of the crash can also shear or separate disks in the neck and back, which may cause bulging discs or disc herniation. 

If you have been the victim of a car crash, then you should speak with a Florida automobile accident attorney. Most personal injury attorneys will provide you with a free initial consultation and will answer your questions about your injuries and possible damages.  

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