Top 3 new Florida Laws you Need to Know in 2022

florida laws

 These are the top three laws that went into effect in 2022. Some of them came into effect just before and are starting now. They apply to most people, so they’re common laws everyone should know about.

Motor Vehicle Rentals in Florida Laws

The first one is the motor vehicle rentals act, which is that people are renting their cars out to individuals, aside from agencies and rental companies. Turo is an app that people use for this. It requires that the person renting their car out to an individual and to other people, has to make sure all the safety recalls are up to date and that the insurance requirements for both of them (the person renting the car and the person renting out the car) have to have the minimal amount of insurance required in Florida.

Also, the person renting out the car has to pay a certain sales tax to the state and rental car companies are obliged to do this as well.


Florida Child Care Facilities law

The second law is about child care facilities. In Florida, since the summer is very hot every year, there have been deaths throughout the state related to child care facilities and also to accidental deaths in cars where the child overheats. This law explains that the child care facilities who transport the children, must have a type of alarm on their vehicle in the event they accidentally leave a child inside the car, to prevent the vehicle from overheating and letting the owner of the vehicle know.

This is especially great for the safety of everybody, especially the children. The goal is to remind drivers to check for kids before walking away, especially during hot days like in Florida, Palm Beach County, and any other places where it gets really hot.

Worker´s insurance law in Florida

Lastly, the third of the top three laws, is about work. Normally, every employer has comp insurance for their workers, and now, a 4.9 reduction is in effect. It goes up every year, and every business owner is tired of paying these premiums, so this reduces it by 4.9%, stating that safer workplace innovative techniques and improved risk management have all helped to make this decrease happen.

These are the three new laws in Florida that everybody needs to know about. Hopefully, they will be of value to everyone. 

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