Business Owners: You Need a Dashcam For All Your Cars


Whether you own a trucking company with a fleet of vehicles or one car you use for business purposes, investing in dashcams is a smart idea for Florida business owners. Our car accident lawyer team shares four reasons you need a dashcam as a business owner. 

1. Prevent Your Insurance Company from Dropping You

Dashcams cost just a few hundred dollars, yet they could save you thousands of dollars in insurance costs. If your business vehicle is involved in an accident, you can use the dashcam footage to prove your innocence to your insurer.

Your insurance company won’t drop you for an accident that wasn’t your fault. You also won’t face higher insurance premiums unnecessarily, protecting your business’s bottom line. 

2. Avoid Points On Your Driving Record

If the police pull you over in your business vehicle and ticket you unfairly, you could end up with upwards of six points on your driving record. After adding 12 points within a year, you could lose your license and insurance coverage, which could hurt your business. 

Why suffer for a violation you didn’t commit? Your dashcam could show clear evidence to negate your ticket. 

3. Protect Your Employees (And Yourself)

Your employees’ behavior reflects on you as the business owner. You don’t want to wonder whether your employees are driving safely in your work vehicles. You also can’t always take an employee’s word for it if they claim they were not at fault for an accident. 

With dashcams, you can remove all questions about your employees’ behavior. You’ll have clear evidence of what they do in your work vehicles. Your employees may also make smarter driving decisions when they know you can access footage of their driving. 

Your employees can enjoy the protection of knowing that if they are involved in a not-at-fault accident, you won’t place the blame on them. It won’t just be their word against the other driver. 

4. Avoid Business Liability Claims 

Our car accident lawyer team has seen too many baseless liability claims against businesses. Liability claims hurt your business, whether they are founded or unfounded.
Even if you know your business was not liable for a car accident, the court won’t know that unless you provide solid evidence. Without that evidence, you could face significant economic consequences for an accident that wasn’t your fault. 

When you install dashcams on your work vehicles, you can gain peace of mind that your business will be able to prove your innocence to an insurance company or the court. You can protect your company’s assets against liability claims.

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At The Dash Cam Lawyer®, we know the difference a dashcam can make for your business. We want to see Florida businesses thrive—not suffer the consequences of a wrongful accident claim or liability suit. 

Buying dashcams for your business vehicles is one of the easiest ways to protect your business. Check out our dashcam resources tab for more information, then call our car accident lawyer team at 561-533-7800 for a free consultation. 

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