Types of Dashcams (And How They Can Help You in Accidents)

Types of Dashcams (And How They Can Help You in Accidents)

Did you ever consider that a dashcam can increase your and other people’s safety, provide video evidence in the event of an accident, and even save you from unfair speeding tickets?

However, to get the most benefit from your dashcam, be sure to get the right one for your needs.

What Is a Dashcam?

A dashcam — short for dashboard camera — is a video recording device you can install in your car or truck to record road and traffic conditions. Some dashcams also capture the interior of the vehicle, its location, speed, and more. 

Most dashcams sit on the dashboard and record through the windshield, but some models also record behind and around the vehicle. 

Are Dashcams Legal in Florida?

Dashcams are legal in Florida if they don’t obstruct your windshield view. If you’re planning to get an audio-enabled dashcam, keep in mind that you need the consent of all passengers to record private conversations.

What Types of Dashcams Are Out There?

Hundreds of dashcam models are on the market, including:

SD vs. Connected Cameras

SD cameras store data on a physical micro-SD card. For camera’s where you cannot download videos via wifi or Bluetooth, you must remove the card and transfer the data to another device. If you don’t, when the storage is full, the camera will eventually loop over old data to make room for new footage. On the flip side, SD cameras give you more control over recorded content and who can access it.

Network-connected cameras upload data wirelessly to the cloud via a cellular network or a WiFi hotspot device. This gives you unlimited storage and enables you to remotely access live video and data at any time.  

Front-Facing vs. Rear-Facing Dashcams

The most basic dashcams record through your windshield only. These are known as single-lens dashcams because they only have one front-facing lens. If you also want a reverse view, you can get a dual-lens dashcam that records both in front and behind the vehicle.

External vs. Internal Dashcams

Some dashcams can record both outside (front and rear) and inside your vehicle. These systems can have two or three separate lenses, or the lenses may be built into a single unit. Internal dashcams can be a good option for trucking companies, taxi or rideshare services, delivery drivers, or parents of teenage drivers. 

Basic vs. Advanced Cameras

Basic dashcams only record video and, sometimes, audio content. High-quality models have additional advanced features such as: 

  • GPS tagging
  • Speed sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Superior video quality (HD or 4K)
  • Wide-angle lens capability
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

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