Why Do People Come to Us for Help?

If you’ve suffered serious injuries in a car crash, you’ll need legal advice. However, not just any Florida car accident lawyer will do. Read on to learn what makes the Law Offices of Shannon J. Sagan, PA, stand out from the crowd and why accident victims choose us to handle their personal injury claims.

We Have Five-Star Google Reviews

Run a quick Google search of our practice name and check our reviews. The numbers speak for themselves. We have a stellar 5/5 rating for our Lake Worth Office location— a testament to our experience, hard work, and dedication to our clients.

Our team cares deeply for every client and provides highly personalized services. We take the time to listen to your story, understand your needs, and help you achieve your goals.

We Are a Boutique Firm

Big law firms have high personnel and client turnover. One unfortunate corollary is that if you go to a large practice, you may end up bouncing from paralegal to paralegal or from attorney to attorney. This lack of consistency can negatively impact the quality of the communication, the overall service, and, ultimately, the outcome of your case.

At The Dash Cam Lawyer®, we’re a boutique practice, which allows us to avoid many of the problems big firms face. You’ll have just one attorney and a single point of contact paralegal throughout our working relationship. We’re always available to answer your questions and won’t put you on hold for hours waiting to speak to your attorney.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

Shannon J. Sagan, our founder and owner attorney, is an experienced Florida car accident lawyer. However, he’s more than that. Over two decades ago, he was an accident victim himself.

After miraculously surviving a bad rollover accident, Attorney Sagan had to go through the same process you’re now facing. He had to:

  • Hire a lawyer to handle his personal injury claim
  • Find adequate medical care for his severe and permanent injuries, one of which persists to date
  • Figure out how to pay over $60,000 for medical treatment

Unlike other car accident attorneys, Attorney Sagan understands how complicated and stressful the personal injury claims process can be. His first-hand experience is one of the main reasons he founded this practice to make it easier for accident victims like you to find an understanding lawyer and seek just compensation.

How We Can Help You

Our team can assist you with every aspect of your personal injury claim, including:

  • Identifying the responsible parties
  • Calculating your damages, such as medical expenses and lost income
  • Collecting supporting evidence
  • Preparing and filing all required paperwork
  • Managing all communications on your behalf
  • Negotiating the settlement offer
  • Representing you in court, if necessary

Were You Injured in a Car Accident? Call Us.

At The Dash Cam Lawyer®, we’ve been in your shoes. Our team can provide you with competent and caring legal advice. Call 561-DASHCAM (561-533-7800) today to schedule a free consultation with our Florida car accident lawyer.

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