Will I Still Have a Case if the Date or Time Is Wrong on My Dash Cam?


Your dashboard camera’s video footage can provide important evidence to support your auto accident claim. But what happens if your camera’s time stamp shows the wrong time and date when an incident occurs? If you’re asking, “Will I still have a case if the date or time is wrong on my dash cam?” keep reading.

Does Dash Cam Footage Count as Admissible Evidence in Florida?

Using a dash cam to record video while you’re on the road is a wise way to source solid evidence of your auto accident. However, dash cam footage may be open to interpretation and won’t automatically prove the other party’s liability when you file a personal injury claim. You may need to show that your footage is accurate and didn’t undergo any alterations.

If your case ends up in court, the other side’s attorney has the right to view and contest any dash cam evidence, so you need a skilled auto accident lawyer to represent your interests.

What If the Time or Date Was Wrong on Your Dash Cam?

In a nutshell, having the wrong time or date on your dash cam usually won’t disqualify your camera’s footage as admissible evidence. For the most part, insurers will still accept your video as proof of the accident’s circumstances, although you may need to file a sworn affidavit (official written declaration) explaining the video and the time stamp issue.

Most auto accident cases settle out of court, but if your case goes to trial, you and your lawyer may need to overcome some evidentiary obstacles to authenticate the video and prove it includes original, unaltered footage. Still, a court should not toss out important evidence because of a technical mistake, like a dash cam that wasn’t set to daylight saving time.

However, just in case, check your dash cam occasionally to make sure it shows the correct time and date.

How a Skilled Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

You’ll need assertive legal representation in any auto accident claim, but especially if there’s any doubt about the evidence or circumstances of your case. A proficient auto accident attorney can answer questions like “Will I still have a case if the date or time is wrong on my dash cam?” and:

  • Examine your dash cam footage and let you know whether it can aid your claim
  • Use available evidence to build a powerful, compelling case
  • Handle negotiations with insurance companies
  • Protect your interests throughout the claim process
  • Represent you at court if your case goes to trial

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