What Kind of Evidence Should I gather at the Scene of the Car Accident in Florida?

When a car accident occurs in Florida, evidence gathering at the scene is crucial for strengthening a personal injury claim. Evidence is vital in establishing liability and seeking financial recovery for losses. The Dash Cam Lawyer®, assists clients with evidence collection and understanding the complex legal process.

Types of Evidence to Gather at the Car Accident Scene

To build a strong case, gathering various types of evidence at the car accident scene in Florida is essential. Here are some critical pieces of evidence to collect:

  1. Photographs: Take detailed photos of the accident scene, including damaged vehicles, skid marks, broken glass, and traffic signals. These visual records provide valuable evidence of the accident and its aftermath.
  2. Witness Statements: Obtain statements, testimonies, and contact information from pedestrians or drivers who witnessed the accident. Their accounts can provide additional perspectives and support your version of events and you don’t want to rely on the police officer to get their information. Sometimes witnesses leave without giving their information, so it’s up to you to make sure you have it. 
  3. Police Report: You should request a copy of the police report, as it contains essential details about the accident and the officer’s assessment of fault. This official document can be helpful evidence for your claim.
  4. Surveillance Footage: Gather any surveillance footage that may have captured the accident. Whether you have a dash camera in your car, or a local business has a camera that may have caught the accident. This visual evidence can objectively prove the events leading up to the collision.
  5. Medical Records: Keep thorough records of your medical treatment, including diagnosis, treatment details, prescriptions, and images such as X-rays or MRIs. These records demonstrate the extent of your injuries and the necessary medical care you received.
  6. Property Damage Records: Keep records of property damage, including photographs, repair estimates, maintenance records, and any recent upgrades to your vehicle. These records help establish the extent of the damage and the accident’s financial impact.
  7. Financial Records: Preserve bills, receipts, pay stubs, and other relevant records to prove any lost time and wages due to the accident. These records demonstrate the economic impact of the accident on your financial well-being.

Specific Considerations for Gathering Evidence in Florida

When gathering evidence in Florida, there are some specific considerations to remember. These considerations include:

  1. In Florida, a modified comparative negligence system is in place, which implies that your compensation could be decreased(or barred) if you are determined to bear a certain percentage of responsibility for the accident. Compelling evidence is crucial to establish the other party’s predominant fault and secure equitable compensation.
  2. Photographs and/or a dash camera that capture the position of vehicles, damage, skid marks, road signs, and injuries can be especially significant in establishing the facts of the accident. These visual records can help support your claim and counter any disputes about the sequence of events.
  3. It’s essential to gather the contact information of eyewitnesses.  Eyewitness testimony can be crucial in corroborating your account of the accident.
  4. Medical records and bills are instrumental in seeking fair compensation for your injuries. Ensure you keep detailed records of diagnosis, treatment, and medical expenses to support your claim.
  5. Property damage estimates, including documentation of your vehicle’s condition before the crash and recent upgrades, are essential for accurately valuing your claim.

The Role of Evidence in a Personal Injury Claim

Evidence is pivotal in supporting a personal injury claim and establishing negligence. Strong evidence increases the chances of a fair settlement or a successful outcome in court. By gathering and presenting compelling evidence, you can bolster your argument and enhance the likelihood of obtaining the compensation rightfully owed to you.

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